About Us…..

The Open Door Gallery and Studio is situated in Branley’s Yard, Rathcormack Craft Village on the N4, 5 minutes north of Sligo Town.

Artists’ Póilín Mc Gowan and Tanis Gordon Smith both exhibit their paintings, facilitate workshops and tutor classes to adults and children.

“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced” Vincent Van Gogh……

A bit more Info ……

Póilín Mc Gowan grew up in the rural community of Maugherow, North Sligo. She completed her Fine Art Degree in Sligo I.T and a Higher Diploma in Art Education in Limerick I.T.  Since then she has exhibited in both group and solo shows around the country including the Hyde Bridge and Hamilton Galleries in her home town of Sligo.

Her passion for the land and the sea is very evident in her work, depicting feeling, change and mood of her surroundings, connecting both water and earth together.  She views these landscapes and seascapes as an endless source of inspiration which continues to pull and entice her into exploring her work practice through her feeling and imagination.

Her style is semi abstract and this opens up her painting methods to manipulate the ever-changing nature of the subject.  This allows her sensitive creativity to explore and develop the finished piece.

Póilín has taught various art groups and has worked with MSLETB, Bealtaine and the Lilly Lolly Festivals whilst painting seascapes and landscapes all year round. Here in the Open Door Gallery, she shares a working studio with Tanis Gordon Smith where they host a variety of classes and workshops for both children and adults.  They also have a gallery display of both their work.  Póilín also has a collection of work in the Hamilton Gallery, Sligo which represents her locally.  

Tanis Gordon Smith was born in Calcutta, India and came to England with his family when he was just four years of age. In the early nineties he came to Sligo to help some friends out renovating their cottage. He has remained here since then where he began to pursue his interest in Art and Crafts.

Tanis is primarily self taught observing the art world around him both in Ireland and abroad. He has been to many countries around the world and has a huge interest in music, especially guitar. This has influenced him greatly, resulting in creating art work from his experiences in travels and music. He started working with slate carving three Dimensional upright figures, mirrors and other forms influenced by his fascination of Irish mythology. (mainly Sligo based legends) He has had many commissions for these pieces and had solo exhibitions in both Sligo and Cork City.

His work then developed towards painting with Oils and soon he started to display his work in the Market in Rathcormack. Tanis eventually joined up with fellow artist Póilín Mc Gowan in opening a Gallery and Studio in the Craft Village there. They both work as a team and create their own Artwork individually.

Work at the Studio…..

Here are the workshops we provide Online Via Zoom….

We facilitate both Oil and Encaustic Wax Painting for all abilities and levels. Groups are also welcome by booking in advance.

Classes given are in Oils and Acrylics. Again, these are for all levels, and styles range from classical to abstract painting

Why not email us to book yourself/ group on a session of eight classes.

A fun, creative and visual treat to experience in a relaxed and calm environment! Vouchers are also available on request.